don't forget the simple circular

circulars are quick, cheap and very effectiveA few years ago we sent a circular with the following wording to selected parents of girls in a private college whose fees were overdue.

It didn’t go to all parents with overdue fees, just to those that were approved by the Business Manager. It wasn't personalised, just included with the next terms fees - no extra postage!

For the first three weeks of the next term that college tripled their budgeted income from fee payments as a direct result of this circular. No phone calls were made, no other correspondence was sent. Nothing else whatsoever. Just this circular.


Please find enclosed with this circular the statement for next terms College fees. This circular is being sent out to the parents with overdue fees so that we can take this opportunity, before the new term begins, to remind everyone that payment of each term’s fees is expected to be received during the first week of each term.

With this in mind, over the next few weeks the College will be contacting any parent who has overdue or unpaid fees by both letter and telephone to follow up payment of their account so that future plans and developments at the College are not affected by their non-payment. We are confident that all parents of our students appreciate the necessity of maintaining a healthy cashflow for the College, as it is our children who are the ones who benefit.

Would any parents please contact me personally if they are experiencing any financial hardship, as the College is quite amenable to making realistic payment arrangements for parents who find themselves in such situations.

Why did it work?
Fear of the unknown. People don’t like to be contacted by phone about overdue fees. This circular tells them that they will be if the account remains outstanding. No extra postage costs either. Simple huh?

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