55 templates for schools

writing reminders made easyOne of the most important skills needed to get more fees paid on time is knowing how, when and what to write in a "collection" email or letter. Very hard to put one together "from scratch" but quick and easy to do so when you have something to model off. A template that can be changed, added to and "tweaked" to suit.

allow me to explain ...

In 2012 I ran the first of our first school-specific workshops all over the country to show schools of all types (senior, primary, combined, independents, Catholic, Islamic ...) that it IS possible to get fees paid on time (& prevent many from becoming slow in the first place) when non-confrontational techniques are used and correct systems are in play.

The workbooks in the most recent MasterClasses contained 55 template letters (that have been used in many schools over the last 20 years) to do just that. And the response to them has been terrific.


Comments about these letters from workshop delegates include ...

- We have already made our own letter templates using your templates,
- I am so excited I can't wait to use them!!!
- Love letter 39, "chosen to ignore this matter" really works.
- Sample letters are great.
- The letters are fabulous.
- Loved the sample collection letters.
- Enjoyed very much the template letters.
- the letters will definitely be used.
- I call them my letters for all occasions.
- The sample letters are great and I will start using them very soon.

These letters (see the contents table and a few samples here) are now available in this brand new 76-page book which also explains how to quickly put a letter together using these templates.

You'll find that it's much easier writing an email or letter when you have these templates ready to hand. No more writers block! Much, much easier than looking at a blank screen or piece of paper. And, these letters have been tried and tested over many years in many schools and, simply put, they work!

... so, order your copy today for US$49.99, if you'd like to be able to say exactly what you want to say, in the most effective way, in 2 minutes instead of 20.  Enjoy.