76 templates for professionals

writing reminders made easyWhen it comes to writing a reminder letter or email, have you ever had “writers block"?

I certainly know that I did until we put some template reminders together. Writing reminders after that became easy. If I couldn’t use one of the sample reminders in full then I’d take a paragraph from one or a phrase from another and after a bit of juggling around I’d have the perfect reminder for the situation.

I've been involved in the management of accounts in professional firms (accountants, solicitors ...) since 1986 when I was employed by Ernst & Whinney (now Ernst & Young). 

Over the years I've compiled a 'bank' of 73 template reminders to address most situations - early reminders, disputed fees, arrangements, "heavy" letters .... They have now been put altogether in this new and instantly downloadable e-book.  (see the contents table and a few samples here)

There’s a simple 4-step formula to follow to write a reminder using this book.
1:  Think about or write down how you really feel. Emotionally. The truth.
2:  Scan “The Reminders” on page 18 for a match.
3:  Pick the paragraphs and phrases to use.
4:  Juggle them around.  Create the reminder.

It's much easier writing an email or letter when you have these templates ready to hand.  No more writers block! Much, much easier than looking at a blank screen or piece of paper.

And ... these reminders have been tried and tested over many years in many professional service providers, and, simply put, they work! ... so, order your copy today for AU$49.99, if you'd like to be able to say exactly what you want to say, in the most effective way, in 2 minutes instead of 20.  Enjoy.