from 79% - 106% - for schools

collecting school fees - step by stepThis 30-page e-book will show you how to improve account collections in your school (not just by a little bit - by a lot) using our proven, non-confrontational approach.

It sets out a clear 7-Step Process to follow and includes
- template emails
- template newsletter wording
- a template school fee and levy policy
- two sample collection procedures.

I’ve worked with many schools over many years so it was VERY gratifying when a Business Manager from a Catholic College came to one of my workshops and told everyone there all about the results she had achieved by using our suggested processes.

“When I started my role in accounts receivable I saw a need to set up a system for fee collection, as our school was growing. My Business Manager gave me a book created by Michael Todd, copyrighted 1999 which was called ‘Strategies – A fee recovery system for private schools: Manual No: 2’."

"The collection rate of the college went from 79% to now 106% by the start of this year. A great result but requires a lot of extra work to start with, but worth it!!"

This book has done a lot of that "extra work" for you.
The wording, the timing, the approach, the entire process in the easy-to-follow, 7-Step Process set out in this book. So, whether you are starting from scratch or want to improve account collections in your school, THIS is the e-book that you need. (see the first 4 pages here)