Fee Recoveries

Finally, ongoing, healthy cash-flow IS possible!




  • more accounts paying on time
  • more time to do what you went into business for
  • less "hassle" and worry about slow-paying debtors
  • less work required to maintain control of your Debtors Ledger.
  • maintains customer goodwill - By logging in remotely and working as part of your business (in 'stealth mode' as it were), your clients never know that an "outside body" is involved "chasing" up any late payments.
  • improves cash-flow - QUICKLY - clients with overdue accounts are followed up regularly and politely by phone, email or letter (on YOUR letterhead), but only once you've selected which clients are NOT to be followed up.

Feedback from past and existing clients

“The 90day+ component of our debtors book reduced by over 50% in 2 months.”

“Average collections on a month to month basis doubled.”

“Overdue accounts represented only 20% of the total ledger after only 3 months resulting in a positive cash flow improvement of over $1.2M.”

“'Old' debt (60day and 90day+ debts) is down by 36% when compared to the same time the previous year.”

“Overdue accounts (60d and 90d+) reduced by 32% after three months.”

“OPS Global turned our books completely around. Their approach is completely different to accountants or debt-collection agencies, they gave our existing accounts team the skills to recover debts quickly and maintain our cash-flow.”