feedback from schools

just some of the feedback over the last few years

  • The collection rate of the college went from 79% to now 106% by the start of this year!! 
  • This was without doubt the most practical seminar I’ve attended. You understood the industry we work in and were able to give us a good foundation to understand the mindset of these parents ... and gave us resources that have been used before to give results. I came away with much more than I ever expected. Thank you so much.
  • Plans and ideas to really put to work. Great ideas. Definite plan of attack.
  • I have had some great results using your techniques and letter templates.
  • Made improvements and still making improvements.
  • Very well presented, informative and useful information which will be put into our system.
  • Easy to comprehend, well presented, helpful ideas, and good content.
  • I am hoping to get a new staff member to your workshop. I found it invaluable.
  • I would like to let you know how helpful the workshop, letter templates, online information etc. has been.
  • ... I've been to several workshops recently on varying topics and I must admit, prior to Friday, I had stereotyped the whole Debit/Credit management workshop thing as boring and mind numbing ... Boy did I have a pleasant surprise. Thanks again for a really informative and enjoyable day.
  • ... I thoroughly enjoyed the MasterClass. Results have been really good so far on those that I've made contact with. Only a few that are now ignoring me. Guess there will always be some of those though.
  • Thanks again for your amazing course. Well worth the time and money!
  • ... Once again please pass on my congratulations to a great workshop, attended one a couple of years ago and it was good to see that we are on the right track. I was looking for renewed enthusiasm from the workshop and I am pleased to say I have it!
  • A very complete seminar on fee recovery, very easily adaptable to our situation.
  • Enjoyable, very relevant to our situation.
  • Well presented - entertaining as well as informative. The time flew.
  • A most stimulating and informative seminar. I left with lots of ideas to put in place when I get back to school.
  • Congratulations on a very clear and well set out presentation. I appreciated it very much.
  • The humour made the time more enjoyable and retained interest in the information being conveyed.